Monday, June 23, 2008

Jodi Picoult

So I just got done reading Picoult's newest book Change of Heart. It was typical. A tough decision had to be made. An interesting take on something we seem to make quick decisions about. I like typical Picoult. I always wonder what I would do in the situation these characters find themselves in.

This particular book was about a family (a mother and daughter) who needs a heart and a man that wants to give them his. It seems so easy when you say it like that, but the man was accused of killing the little girls father and sister. As the reader we get so much more information and Picoult does a good job of letting you have compassion for this accused killer. I marvel at how she comes up with these topics and forces you to re-think the way you think. It ends in typical Picoult fashion as well....a little something different so you can never guess the real ending before you finish the book completely.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gotta Love Percy Jackson

Ok, I am a sucker for a character who makes mistakes, but tries their best to do the right thing. Percy Jackson is that kid and he is part of the reason I like the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series of books so much.

The first book is called The Lightning Thief. Percy finds out in this book he is a half-god, the illegitimate child of Poseidon. In order to prevent a war between his father and Zeus he is sent on a quest to return a lightning bolt that was stolen. Fortunately for him he is a quick learner, gets to bring along some friends and seems to get lucky a lot.

The second book, The Sea of Monsters, leads Percy on another quest. Before he leaves on this quest he finds out he has a brother. He isn't exactly happy about it either. I personally love the addition to the characters with Tyson and I think he adds an amazing depth to the dynamic of family going on within these stories. So, Tyson and Percy go out on this new adventure, but Percy wasn't exactly invited so he not only battles his enemies but a few of his allies.

The third book is called The Titans Curse and probably my least favorite of them all so far. I did enjoy this book very much especially the addition of Thalia, the Hunters and Rachel Elizabeth Dare , but Tyson was not in this book as much as the last and I think I might enjoy him more. On this particular quest Percy and his comrades must travel west to help Artemis, although in secret Percy is really hoping to find Annabeth who was lost.

The fourth book, The Battle of the Labyrinth, again brings the children together for a quest. With Annabeth finally getting to lead a quest of her own she leads the way into the ever-changing labyrinth in order to save the half-blood camp and prevent the Titans from gaining control once again.