Friday, September 21, 2007

Gossip Girl

I don't usually watch something then go read the book that it was based on, but I did it with this book.

The book and the first episode of Gossip girls are quite similar which makes me wonder what the CW will do once they get through the books Cecily von Ziegesarskip to next title has written.

I also don't usually like the movie, or TV show in this case, more than the book, but so far in this case I prefer the TV show.

The actors and actresses of these snobby elite children make the characters much more likable. Especially S. My favorite characters are the not so snooty ones, of course, because they are so much more likable. I did enjoy the book, but it was ruined a little because I had already watched the episode on television. I think I would enjoy reading the rest of the series a bit more having not already known what is going on.

S and B, as they are often called in the book are the main characters in the book. Gossip Girl is also a main character, however, we never learn who she is. She is the writer of the Blog that lists all the events of the lives of the elite and their friends. The book only takes place over a few weeks and focuses on the estranged friendship of Blair and Serena. There is an endless supply of drugs, alcohol and sex in the book to keep any teen interested. I, of course, stay interested to root for the underdogs of the story. I will continue to read and root them on as well as to see how the TV show and the books relate to one another, but I won't expect a lot honor from the main characters. Just a little bit of entertainment.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Many Books....

Ok so i have finished the second book in the Something About Me Challenge I am participating in. It is called So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson.

With so many books in the world I feel like I could have done without this one. Although, the explanation for that may be that I am not really a non-fiction fan. I did feel this book was well written and I did enjoy hearing about some of the books the author read, but I felt the purpose of the book was better figured out on your own than explained. It was interesting to hear about how the books came to be on Sara's list and what she thought of them, and I could easily see how and why lovers of books love this book. There were many people who chose this book for their "Something about me" choice and with this many lovers of books I completely understand. I hope that no one who has picked this book or read it because of their list takes offense to my opinion, this book was just not a good choice for me. I try to broaden my horizons in regards to the types of books I read, but the more I read the more I realize that I read to escape into another world. I prefer when there is a good lesson to be learned, or some hard work to be done by the characters.

There is a part at the end of this book that I will remember for its irony. It took me a long time to read this book because it was a non-fiction. There wasn't something drawing me back to the book to pick it up and read it to the end. I felt a need to finish it for the challenge and so as I drove the the library to return it, I sat in the parking lot rushing to read the last few chapters. Sara was talking about her difficulties in finishing books and how her friends and colleagues were explaining to her that it is acceptable to skip around or not even finish a book. She accepted what they said and felt no need to finish certain books she had started. To me felt I was getting permission from the author herself to shut the book and return it without reading the entire thing. So that is what I did and I feel no regret for doing it.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The City of Ember

There are spoilers in this review......beware.......

The City of Ember is on my must read list for others. I just re-read it for class and remembered how much I liked and enjoyed the story. That being said, I think I was a little more critical in my read this time. For me reading books is sometimes like watching a movie or a theatre production. There are times where you have to make do with the little bits of a story or production that seem to be over the top. Everything in this story fits too perfectly. I know that if this story were to really happen that the events might not go so smoothly. Doon and Lina, the main characters, seem to luck out quite often. That is really my only critique of the book.

I love the book for so many other reasons. The story begins as Doon and Lina are getting ready to receive the jobs they will have in their community. The mayor is handing them out randomly with not attention to qualifications or desire. Doon gets "messenger" while Lena becomes "a pipeswork worker". While these two youngsters have never really been friends the opportunity for them to swap jobs makes them one step closer. Lina wanted the messenger job because she loves to run, a necessary requirement for this job. While Doon didn't necessarily want to work in the pipeworks he does want to help their community and being a messenger would not be beneficial at all.

Doon and Lina live in Ember, a community of people living underground. The people have no idea where their community is, in relation to the Earth, or even that Earth exists. Their community is crumbling because the generator that lights their world is deteriorating. Their supplies are running low and no one knows what the answer is to their problems. Doon has his heart set on finding a way to fix the generator, but isn't quite sure how to go about it. Lena, a descendant of a past mayor, finds an set of instructions she must decipher that will lead to Doon and Lina becoming better friends and finding a way to help their community.

This original story will quickly draw you in as you root for the good of these children and the community they live in.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card originally because of the Something about Me Reading Challenge. I chose this one to read only because I had heard of it before. I first remember it when I was looking for science fiction type books to read for a reading group at school. It never worked out because I couldn't find enough copies to buy right away, nor did we have it at school. Since then I have seen the title pass by me, however, as a "non" fan of intense science fiction material, I let it pass me by. This, I see now, was a mistake. I had even started a book for this challenge before beginning Ender's Game and had to set it aside for this book.

I am completely surprised at my love for this book. Karlene and Becky chose it because of their love for the writing of Orson Scott Card. I see now what they love so much about this book and its author. I assumed that science fiction would lack empathy and emotion and I felt more of those two feelings in this book than I have in quite a long time. Card was able to create a character so amazingly full of will and innocence it was hard for me to read of the injustices he had to endure. I instantly wanted to help and protect him. I never once doubted his desire to do the right thing, but I was pained at the torture he was put through. Without such a strong and likeable character there would be nothing to this tale.

I was amazed at the world Card had created. It was one that was easy for me to create in my own mind, even if I didn't understand everything scientific phrase or event. This is one reason I fear SF. Everything can be completely obsure to me because I can't wrap my mind around the ideas presented. This story was much easier to relate to and that only added to my love for the book. There were minor things that I could not understand without a bit of research, but it wasn't something that effected my understanding of the story.

Because I love happy endings I was smiling by the time I finished this book, but I am not sure how realistic, even for a SF, the ending really is. For a child to be put through all that Ender was put through I have a hard time believing everything would turn out so well. For this character though, I am willing to suspend my disbelief and believe in Ender's wonderful life. He definitely deserved all that he got in the end.

I sometimes get so wrapped up in the characters and emotions of a book that I feel like I have gone on an emotional roller coaster. Since I finished this book only minutes ago I feel that way now. I think that some of what I say now will change as I remove myself from this story, but I will definitely pick up another book by Orson Scott Card and will recommend this one quickly to others who might enjoy it.