Monday, April 14, 2008

The Penderwicks...again.

I love the Penderwicks. I love Batty the littlest Penderwick who loves her dog Hound and whose imagination is amazing. I love Sky who is so logical and analytical. I love Jane and her love for books and stories. But my favorite has to be Rosalind who is always in charge and handles it with ease....usually.

In this book The Penderwicks on Gardam Street Rosalind gets thrown off a little bit and you see her be a kid. You see her make mistakes and forget things. It is all because her father gets a letter from her dead mother telling him he must date again. It is a story of minor deceit. All of the Penderwicks are guilty of it. It is the introduction of more characters and of minor catastrophes....which are common for the Penderwiks. It is in wonderful Penderwick fashion though. Simple and human, yet wonderfully entertaining.

If you have not read either of the books about the Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall I recommend you pick them up. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

YA Challenge

I have been slacking on the challenges lately, so I went on a search for one that would be perfect for me and I have found it. The YA challenge is especially great because I read YA anyway and so it may actually get done. The Challenge is that I read 12 YA titles in 2008.

So Here is the list I have as of right now of what I would like to read:

1. Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague (book 3) by Brandon Mull (To be released April 12th) Finished 5/13/08 Shadow Plague Review
2. Farworld-Water by JScott Savage (Coming out in September I believe)
3. The Comeback Season by Jennifer E. Smith
3. Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor
4. Maximum Ride-The Final Warning by James Patterson
5. The Book Theif by Marcus Zusak
6. Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pheffer
7. Looking for Alaska by John Green
8. Uglies by Scott Westerfield
9. The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall
Finished 4/14/08 Penderwick Review
10. Once Upon a Time in the North by Phillip Pullman
11. Tweak by Nic Sheff
12. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (To Be released August 2nd)
13. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen (To Be released April)
14. Thou Shall Not Dump The Skater Dude...and other commandments I have broken by Rosemary Graham Finished 4/18/08
15. Size 14 is not Fat Either by Meg Cabot
16. Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti
17. The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin
18. The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel-Frederick
19. Lost It by Kristen Tracy

I know I will add many more to my list so stay tuned.

And here is a link to the challenge:

YA Challenge

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Check this Writer Out!

Ok so I first figured out who this was when he left me a message in regards to one of my blogs. I immediately went to check him out because he had similar interests to me. Once I visited I knew I would love to read his book. I am especially excited to share this with my friends at Library thing and my students at school. So please go check him out and if I am lucky I may just be able to help you and me both get an advance copy of his book.