Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fablehaven: The rise of the Starcatchers

So I liked Fablehaven so much that I immediately put the second of the series on hold at my local library. We picked up basically where the last book left off. The kids returned home with their parents and all was normal until a new kid showed up at school. He was not actually a kid at all but only one person could tell that.....Kendra. Kendra amazingly finds someone to help her get rid of the new kid and in the process her brother unknowingly gets into more trouble. Despite all of this is still seems safer for the pair to return to Fablehaven and help their grandfather protect Fablehaven from the Starcatchers and to prevent them from obtaining the hidden artifact hidden on the property. They are not the only ones there to help. There are three others: a potions master, an expert on magical creatures and a relics collector.

Before long it becomes apparent that someone on the property is helping the starcatchers and fooling the Fablehaven protectors. It is quite difficult to tell who is the devious person and as they search for answers they turn to anyone they can. One person who seems especially helpful is the Sphinx who teaches Seth how to get rid of his curse. It isn't an easy road for these kids but they fight hard to keep Fablehaven safe.