Friday, September 21, 2007

Gossip Girl

I don't usually watch something then go read the book that it was based on, but I did it with this book.

The book and the first episode of Gossip girls are quite similar which makes me wonder what the CW will do once they get through the books Cecily von Ziegesarskip to next title has written.

I also don't usually like the movie, or TV show in this case, more than the book, but so far in this case I prefer the TV show.

The actors and actresses of these snobby elite children make the characters much more likable. Especially S. My favorite characters are the not so snooty ones, of course, because they are so much more likable. I did enjoy the book, but it was ruined a little because I had already watched the episode on television. I think I would enjoy reading the rest of the series a bit more having not already known what is going on.

S and B, as they are often called in the book are the main characters in the book. Gossip Girl is also a main character, however, we never learn who she is. She is the writer of the Blog that lists all the events of the lives of the elite and their friends. The book only takes place over a few weeks and focuses on the estranged friendship of Blair and Serena. There is an endless supply of drugs, alcohol and sex in the book to keep any teen interested. I, of course, stay interested to root for the underdogs of the story. I will continue to read and root them on as well as to see how the TV show and the books relate to one another, but I won't expect a lot honor from the main characters. Just a little bit of entertainment.


tinylittlelibrarian said...

I quite enjoyed the first episode and was a bit fan of the books when they first came out. Haven't read any of the recent ones because to me it's gotten to that much-too-long series point. But the first couple were still fresh and fun.

My complaint about the show, though, is that Jenny, one of the best characters, has been turned from a chubby, short, redhead into a little blonde girl. As if we needed yet another little blonde girl in TV-land. A missed opportunity, I think, but hardly a surprise.

Julie said...

I did notice that the book focuses on her big boobs quite a lot and they are not mentioned at all in the series. It is too bad they have to change things such as that!

tinylittlelibrarian said...

I felt for her! I was (well, am) a chubby girl with way-too-big boobs! It can be really difficult, especially when you're 14 or however old she is.