Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Magic Tree House

I love children's literature but I am not sure I would call the Magic Tree House books children's literature. I adore these books, but they are all quite similar and repetative. I can always guess what will happen next. Even though this is true I can always count on these books. They are always informative, entertaining and use good writing.

I just finished reading Dingoes at Dinnertime and was able to read it in about a half an hour. At the same time I really enjoyed myself and even learned a thing or two about life in Australia. I use these books a lot in reading groups and to help in teaching about a topic. If you have never read any of the many books Mary Pope Osbourne has written you should try at least one. They are fun!

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JK said...

It seems these books are the type that get kids excited and interested, and since they are fairly easy, they read 6 or 7 of them very quickly, and then find themselves actually enjoying reading!