Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have been waiting and waiting to read this book. I didn't want to buy it because I didn't own the previous books and I thought it was silly to have only the third book of a series in my possession (ok maybe that is odd). So I immediately put myself on the waiting list at my local library and was 40 somethingth (gasp) on the list. So I finally got the book a few days ago from the library and saved it to read as I took a long plane trip to Chicago.

I have been reading comments on library thing about these books a lot lately so it was difficult to not take what I read in these into account. I agree with the group opinion about many of the negative parts of this book, however, I continue to be compelled to finish the story. The group doesn't like the relationship between Bella and Edward for many reasons, but my dislike comes mainly from the fact that Bella is so focused on Edwards looks as opposed to his behaviors.

The engaging part of these books to me, a non-vampire book reading girl, is the relationship between the humans and vampires. I have also come to quite enjoy the werewolf introduction to the events. In this edition of "Hunt for Bella" we find Bella finishing high school. She continues to date Edward and struggles to find a way to have Jacob as part of her life while still loving Edward. I like that she is standing up for what she wants in her life (at least a little bit) and both of the men in her life allow her to do it her way. Not that they don't pressure her to do it the way they want, but she finds a great balance. I love Jacob and Bella's camaraderie throughout the story and an intrigued to see how his character is involved in the lives of Bella and Edward in the following installments of the book.

So at the end of this installment of the book I am not much further than I was before. I am still wondering what Bella and Edward will do with their lives. I am still wondering if Bella will really become a vampire and I am wondering what Jacob will do about it.

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