Sunday, August 26, 2007


Ok so I came across the themed reading challenge and I really would like to participate. I keep thinking about how I would like to join. Do I read all YA books, all Newberrys I have not read, books about vampires (just cause I am really excited to read Eclipse), books with a dog as an important/integral character, or even a set of books in a series. The opportunities are endless and I am not sure where I want to head. I keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to pop up and show itself. I am leaning towards doing the series with a dog as an integral character. I will go with that for now and read 4 of the following books:

1. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
2. Fifty Acres and a Poodle by Jeanne Laskas (not sure this has a dog as an integral character)
3. Lost and Found by Jacqeline Sheehan
4. A Good Dog by Jon Katz
5. Walking in circles before lying down : a novel by Merrill Markoe
6. From Baghdad, with love : a Marine, the war, and a dog named Lava
by Jay Kopelman
7. Sight hound : a novel by Pam Houston
8. A dog year : twelve months, four dogs, and me by Jon Katz
9. Dog is my co-pilot by BARK Editors
10. Tails from the bark side by Brian Kilcommons

Ok, I know there are so many to pick from, but I didn't have 4 in mind that I wanted to read so when I did my research all of these came up. I will have to narrow it down later.


Wendy said...

Hi Julie - glad to see you are joining the challenge!!! I LOVE your theme and can't wait to read your reviews. There's still plenty of time to narrow things down - or if you like you can create and alternates/extras list as well :)

JK said...

cool blog, great ideas for stuff to read... I love the theme idea; for each book my kids read this summer, I had them find books with similar subjects or related characters (myth.creatures, time travel, etc) they had already read, and try to see where an author might get ideas or themes from.

Becky said...

I'm joining this challenge as well, but I haven't decided on a theme yet.