Friday, October 12, 2007

Cryptid Hunters

Last weekend I spent the morning at the Nevada Young Readers award banquet. The authors the children of Nevada choose come to receive an award for their writing. The authors of Cryptid Hunters and Molly Moon were both present. It was nice to hear the authors speak to our small group of teachers, librarians and children. Roland Smith is the author of Cryptid Hunters and his speaking is what made me want to read his book. He wrote other books I had heard of but never gotten around to reading such as Zach's Lie, but this current book I had not previously heard of.

I read through Cryptid Hunters quite quickly. It is the story of two very intelligent teenage children who are sent to live with their Uncle after their parents disappear. As soon as they arrive at the home of their uncle they learn that he must go on a trip to the Congo. The children desperately want to go with him, but he will not allow it. In a series of mistakes and perfect coincidences the children end up in the Congo without their uncle and in danger. They must figure out how to survive the wild as well as the human dangers on their tail. Although the story is not realistic, it is quite enjoyable and fun. The ending leaves you hoping for the best for these children. I am looking forward to finding out what Roland has in store for these great characters.

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